Garmin Nuvi 205W battery replacement

I recently replaced a Garmin GPS battery and i thought i would share some pictures of the install process. This was a really easy install. The only hard part was getting the case open. The included pry tool broke 5 seconds after using it. I discovered 2 spots that i could use a small screwdriver and get it open. From there i took my time and popped the case open. 4 screws and 2 connectors later i was able to pry out the Li-Ion pack put some 2 sided sticky tape on and reassemble the whole unit. Dont forget the plastic power side switch before you snap it all back together. Thats IT. It took me 5 minutes after i got the case apart.


Welcome the the new Site and store!

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to thank everyone (you know who you are) for helping me get my store and blog online and up to date.  Bear with me as i work the bugs out of the site. All the product links should be good and take you where you need to go. Thanks to Fightcube over at for the cool updated logo.


Jason Greskoviak

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